Edmonton Weather


Edmonton’s summers are legendary. From June to August you can expect warm, dry days with up to 17 hours of sunlight! The sun rises at 5:30am and doesn’t set until 10:00pm most nights. Occasionally, in July and August, you can catch a spectacular thunder and lightning storm during the evening.

Average summer temperature:
21°C to 23°C

What clothes to pack: Temperatures can reach highs of over 30°C at the height of the summer, meaning shorts and flip-flops are a must!

Fun things to do in Summer


Keep your phone charged and get your hashtags ready, because Autumn in Edmonton is made for those vacation selfies. Our river valley spreads a vibrant ribbon of gold, red, and orange right through the middle of the city. Grab a coffee from one of our many local roasteries and start wandering through those leaf-strewn streets!

Average autumn temperature: 11°C to 17°C

What clothes to pack: Temperatures tend to be more crisp at this time of year. You'll need good walking boots and some fashionable layers - scarves are always encouraged.

Fun things to do in Autumn


Winter is the coldest time of year in Edmonton and includes snowfall as early as November and as late as March. The majority of snowfall in the region happens from December to February. Want to experience a true winter wonderland or feel like you just stepped into Narnia? This is the time to visit. Also, the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) can be seen on a regular basis from our dark sky preserves.

Average winter temperature: -7°C to -15°C

What clothes to pack: A thick winter jacket (we recommend a parka), hats, mitts, and warm winter boots are all a must! Don't forget to bring cozy layers and a sense of adventure.

Fun things to do in winter


When spring has sprung in Edmonton, you can feel the excited energy everywhere. Edmontonians are quick to embrace the warmer weather by hopping on a patio or walking the grounds of the Alberta Legislature while all the trees are in bloom. This is a great time to observe local wildlife emerging from their winter burrows.

Average spring temperature: 18°C to 23°C

What clothes to pack: Lighter clothes are fine to bring for this time of year, but definitely pack a jacket. We recommend tossing on waterproof outer layers and carrying an umbrella.

Fun things to do in Spring