Sports Lovers

Boisterous crowds and die-hard fans— Edmonton’s sports scene is tough to beat. Once you’ve been to a hockey, football, soccer, baseball or basketball game, you’ll see what we mean. While many of Edmonton's world renowned sporting events are on hold for the time being, you can bet your bottom dollar that we'll be back cheering in the stands soon!

Events to Cheer For

While we can't cheer from the stands right now, we can still take in a game or two from the comfort of our homes! Better yet, get in on the action and participate in a physically distant outdoor activity that will get the blood flowing.

You Know What They Say, Go Big... Or Go Bigger

Let our blog coach you through experiencing Edmonton like the true sports fan that you are.

Get in on the Action

Still can't get enough of the action? Check out our attractions listing for more adrenaline-filled activities to take your day to the next level.