Travel Trade

Selling Edmonton as the gateway to the North, the Rocky Mountains and beyond

Travel Trade are your ambassadors for Canada’s northernmost major city. As the gateway to the northern Rockies and Canada’s north, Travel Trade works closely with Edmonton International Airport to develop and support direct air access. We also work to sell Edmonton and its experiences to global tour operators in Canada, China, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States and emerging markets, by leading familiarization tours and attending international sales missions and marketplaces. When local experience providers, attractions and hotels are export-ready, we work with them to showcase their offerings to our global markets.

We Activate Global Interest

We sell export-ready Edmonton experiences by putting them in the spotlight at sales missions and international marketplaces where we meet with tour operators from around the world.

We host tour operators in Edmonton on familiarization (FAM) tours so that they can try out the experiences for themselves.

Things to do

River Valley: Hit the ground running. Or biking. Or segway-ing... With a river valley that's 22 times the size of NYC's Central Park, there's no shortage of adventures.

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Culture: We throw axes for fun, barbecue in blizzards and camp with bison. Edmontonians have never been afraid to do things a little differently.

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Shopping: Pack your comfy shoes! If you're looking for great shopping, you've come to the right place.

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Culinary: Take your taste buds on a journey to some of the hottest craft beer taprooms, local bistros and indie bakeries in the country.

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Entertainment: Edmonton means long days, thirst-quenching patios, and seemingly endless festivals. Bust out your shades, or snow pants - you're in the right place for an unforgettable experience.

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Winter: You gotta give it to us - Edmontonians know how to do winter right! Our winters are snowy, so dive on in and play around.

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Edmonton area adventures: Less than an hour's drive from the capital city is a place where pristine starry skies shine next to city lights.

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