Best Bakeries in Edmonton

Feb 13, 2023

The recipe for the perfect day starts at one of these local sweet shops! Satisfy your sweet tooth at one of the best bakeries in Edmonton and indulge in tasty, sugar-coated treats. We're talking cookies, cakes, tarts, pies and more. Stop in and pick-up a box of goodies, then watch as your day goes from good to great. What can we say, we like to keep the dentists in business!

Duchess Bake Shop

Whether you’ve never stepped foot in Duchess Bake Shop before or you’ve been coming for years, this bakery is a mandatory stop when you’re on 124th Street! The macarons are sweet pillows of delight, and just the right size to pretend that eating 10 of them doesn't add up to that many calories. Grab an assorted box to try all the flavours. And then get the pastry box. And then a cake, too. What the heck. Just get everything.

Italian Bakery

Walking into the Italian Bakery, you’ll know you’ve hit the jackpot. They’re stocked with delicious breads, perfectly baked biscotti, and cannolis that will make you wonder why you ever eat anything else. They’ve got two locations in the city, and are the perfect stop to grab dessert for a family dinner, or any meal for that matter.

Bread+Butter Bakery

Bread + Butter Bakery brings the passion for baking to Riverdale. This bakery features small-batch, made-in-house, specialty goods. The grand bread wall houses fresh artisanal breads that can be paired with a variety of flavoured butters and the display case is always filled with mouth-watering signature sweets and savoury pastries. All their bread and pastries are made from scratch. Make sure you try their signature sourdough which is made using a wild yeast starter and a poolish - you can literally taste the time and care that goes into each loaf.


Another 124th Street hot-spot that you won’t want to miss is Choccorant. They’ve got every flavour of croissant imaginable, including sweet or savoury options to suit any palette. Not in the mood for a pastry? We're not quite sure we can relate…but if that’s the case, they’ve got a huge assortment of beautiful cakes with everything from personal-sized to large ones the whole family can indulge in. It’s less calories if you share, right?

Sugared and Spiced

To say the cakes at Sugared and Spiced are life-changing would be an understatement. They are works of art, almost too beautiful to eat. Almost. Picture a moist, rich chocolate cake. Now imagine it filled with raspberry buttercream and fudge sauce. Then, put more raspberry buttercream on top, and finish the whole thing with a chocolate ganache drizzle and fresh berries. And that is just the beginning, folks. They’ve got 12 different flavours of cakes, and the best way to find your favourite is to try them all.

Italian Centre Shop Bakery

Not to be confused with the Italian Bakery, The Italian Centre is a well-known Edmonton staple in the heart of Little Italy (plus two other locations throughout the city!) and it's always stocked with the freshest Italian ingredients. This, of course, means that the desserts are out of this world. One of our favourite combos is the Tiramisu Cake paired with a rich espresso to wash it all down.

The Art of Cake

The Art of Cake is a beautiful bakery that serves up some of the best cake in town in the heart of the brewery district. They create delicious masterpieces with unique flavour combinations that will delight your taste buds and leave you craving more. You can pre-order custom cakes, or stop in and pick a whimsical creation from the display case - they have many other pastries and colourful confections too. Family owned and operated, The Art of Cake has been making dessert dreams come true for 30 years!

Bon Ton Bakery

Bon Ton Bakery, oh la la! This family-owned and operated bakery has been tantalizing taste buds in Edmonton since 1956 with artisanal breads, pastries, and cakes made from scratch. These bakers are serious about their craft, using traditional European methods and techniques to create beautifully baked goods. With a wide selection of treats to choose from, Bon Ton Bakery is local hot spot for those in need of a sweet indulgence or a fresh loaf of bread.

Eleanor & Laurent

The Sugar Bowl's sister eatery, Eleanor & Laurent, is a café, boulangerie, patisserie, rotisserie, charcuterie, and meeting place. Come for the to-die-for pastries, stay for the elegant and adorable décor. Located near the Garneau Theatre and the southside of the High Level Bridge, this bakery is easily accessible by bike, foot, or public transit. So there's no excuse not to stop by!