About us

A message from the Interim CEO

Our Story

Thank you for your interest in Explore Edmonton Corporation (EEC). Let’s get you caught up on what’s been happening behind the scenes to support Edmonton’s visitor economy.

Edmonton Tourism, the Edmonton Convention Centre and Edmonton EXPO Centre are now Explore Edmonton Corporation - Edmonton's visitor economy and venue management organization. We tell Edmonton’s story, elevate the Edmonton experience, and generate inbound visitation.

Our Focus

With two award-winning venues, the know-how to enhance, execute and support major sport and cultural events, and the commitment to develop products and experiences that are authentic to Edmonton, we strive to make #YEG unforgettable.

Edmonton’s visitor economy has been growing every year with visitors coming to our city from around the globe. In 2019, visitors to our city and our venues contributed over $258 million at local businesses.

When the visitor economy grows, so does Edmonton!

We are aligned through a unified purpose, mission, and vision to increase the economic impact of the visitor-based economy in Edmonton:

  • Purpose: Increase the economic impact of the visitor-based economy in Edmonton.
  • Mission: To showcase and inspire more people to visit Edmonton for exceptional experiences, while also enriching the quality of life for residents, and creating economic prosperity.
  • Vision: Edmonton will be a destination of choice, delivering year-round transformational visitor and guest experiences.