West Edmonton Mall

48 city blocks of shopping and entertainment under one roof.

Welcome to the Mt. Everest of shopping and indoor entertainment in North America. Spanning the equivalent of 48 city blocks, West Edmonton Mall is part entertainment complex, part shopping and dining destination.

Let out a gasp of excitement as you slip in from the cold into the tropical setting of World Waterpark, home to the world’s largest indoor wave pool. Later, climb aboard a full-size pirate ship, or skate beneath the stars under a glass dome.

Afterward, check out the casino, movie theatres, mini golf courses, catch penguins frolicking at Sea Life Caverns or meet Pablo at the Sea Lions' Rock.

Hungry after riding a Galaxyland roller coaster for the fourth time? Stroll down New Orleans-themed Bourbon street for some fine dining, then take in a live show. Or hit Chinatown and shop the colourful T & T Asian Market.

Plan on spending at least a full day (and night) of shopping, playing, and indulging. The place is as big spirited as all of Alberta.

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