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Welcome to the Travel Media Newsroom. We help to build our city’s image by pitching and securing coverage to generate awareness of Edmonton as a year-round travel destination.

It is our job to help travel writers, editors, bloggers, social influencers, photographers – travel content producers – generate the information they need to tell Edmonton’s story.

Welcome to Edmonton

...the capital city of Alberta. We throw axes for fun, barbecue in blizzards, run with dinosaurs and camp with bison. From the continent's first, biggest and wildest Fringe Theatre Festival to a shopping mall that at one time had more submarines than the Canadian navy, Edmontonians have never been afraid to do things a little differently. Normal is for the other guys.

Why is Edmonton different? There are theories. Maybe it’s our northern home, where for years we’ve learned to make our own fun. Perhaps it’s our legacy of entrepreneurs dreaming up oddities: deep freezer races, winter patios and surfing indoors. Perhaps it’s the foundation of natural beauty, from which we’ve built something great. Take your taste buds on a journey to some of the hottest craft beer taprooms and hyper-local bistros, experience the glory of the northern lights from our dark sky preserves, or cruise through North America’s largest stretch of urban parkland. There’s a uniqueness to how Edmontonians do ordinary things, and we welcome you to be a part of it.

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