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18 attractions

The Arts
Year round

Edmonton’s multi-stage entertainment hub where the city’s finest actors and comedians strut their stuff.

City Hall and Churchill Square Edmonton

Skate around the pool, warm your hands by the fire, or just take in the square.

Grab a plate, or two, maybe three of outstanding food and enjoy a night of entertainment and theatre excellence.

neon sign museum edmonton

See a part of Edmonton's history at the outdoor Neon Sign Museum.

Calling all art lovers! Check out Edmonton's art galleries and discover more on self-guided walking tours.

Come to The Comic Strip and laugh non-stop at one of the area’s best comedy clubs.

Edmonton Opera

Immerse yourself in a fun-filled evening with the Edmonton Opera!

Enjoy live theatre in a setting unlike any other in Edmonton.

Savour the musical magic in the stylish, acoustically superb Winspear Centre performance hall.

Old Strathcona Edmonton

Whyte Avenue in Old Strathcona has been named one of Canada's five best shopping neighbourhoods.

124 Street Edmonton

Specialty shopping, artisan shops and fantastic independent restaurants make 124 cosier.

ESO is an innovative orchestra with a flair for symphonic music in offbeat genres.

A Mecca for visual art lovers, the AGA is itself a masterpiece of architecture.

Star-studded pirouettes and arias, tragedies and comedies all come to life on the Jubilee’s stage.

Canada's second-largest ballet company has its roots proudly planted in Edmonton.

Watch live local performances at historic theatres around Edmonton.

Groove to the best in local and international jazz at The Yardbird Suite.

Grab some popcorn and catch an art house film at a historic Edmonton theatre.