Sustainable Event Integrations

We hear you – integrating social and environmentally sustainable practices into your event can seem daunting – especially if you don't know where to start. At Explore Edmonton, we celebrate Event Rights Holder's curiosity and willingness to take a "progress over perfection" approach. With Explore Edmonton's dedicated sustainability team, we're here to help consult you on all the different ways you can ensure your event is leaving behind a small ecological footprint and meaningful social impact.

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The Responsible Events Program

No matter the season, industry, or venue, events hosted in Edmonton bring value to our community

The Responsible Events Program is just one way Explore Edmonton is ensuring your event and our community can take part in socially and environmentally responsible choices that help give back.

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ISO 20121 Certified

WHAT IS ISO 20121?

ISO 20121 is a beacon for sustainable event management, guiding organizations to seamlessly integrate sustainability into every facet of their event planning and execution. With a keen eye on social, economic, and environmental impacts, the standard is pivotal for events that aspire to leave a lasting positive legacy. The standard applies to events of all types and sizes, encouraging organizations to manage social, economic, and environmental impacts responsibly.


  • Reduce your event’s environmental impact.
  • Connect with local suppliers, vendors, and other partners to source sustainable products and services.
  • Take a holistic approach to your event’s sustainability plan, considering economic, environmental, and social impacts.


Working with Explore Edmonton's sustainability team means that minimizing your event’s negative environmental, social, or economic impact has never been simpler. From reducing waste and conserving resources to helping event rights holders source local, sustainable products and services, Explore Edmonton is ready and determined to help you integrate ISO 20121 principles into every aspect of your event planning. We look forward to having you join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future.

Carbon Neutral Events

Sustainable Event Examples

In 2022, Explore Edmonton hosted the Volleyball Canada Youth Nationals at the Edmonton EXPO Centre. Over 11,000 participants from nearly 800 teams across Canada competed for national championships in age categories from 15U to 18U. The event utilized 54 volleyball courts spread across all 8 halls of the EXPO Centre, covering a total area of 472,037 square feet. Alongside the sporting competitions, attendees enjoyed various amenities such as parent lounges, live entertainment, local markets, and food trucks.

To address the event's environmental impact, Volleyball Canada partnered with Explore Edmonton's Sustainability and Event Development teams. They worked together to assess and reduce the event's carbon footprint. Additionally, the organization collaborated with Fill it Forward, a company promoting reusable products and global giving initiatives, to encourage sustainability efforts in the city, country, and worldwide. Watch the above video to learn more.

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