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Spring / Summer

Nestled in the heart of downtown.

It will get your heart racing.


Rostizado ties traditional flavors with modern tastes for a seamless blend of Nuevo-Mexican cuisine. With every dish, you’ll experience flavours inspired by a variety of Mexican regions, all of which are slow cooked to perfection! Rostizado highlights fresh, local ingredients so you can feel great about feasting on a thoughtfully prepared meal.

Whether you're starting off your dining experience with the cauliflower roasted in pork drippings or tamales made in-house, you won’t be disappointed. Just make sure to prep yourself with some water to combat those spicy dipping sauces. Once the mains arrive, the air fills with the aroma of slow-roasted pork and chicken seasoned liberally with fresh herbs and spices piled high to the sky and served with a side of potatoes roasted in drippings. Time to dig in!


After you’ve crushed your meal, it’s time for dessert. A must try are Rostizado’s famous Churros which are delicious even with a full stomach. These tasty little morsels are to die for–the crispy cinnamon coating with a soft chewy filling will brighten anyone’s day. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the churros come with a cream-based gooey milky caramel sauce for dipping. They even have their own special fryer to ensure no other food particles come near, talk about Rostizado’s specialty!

You may know Dani Braun, Chris Sills and Edgar Gutierrez from their first successful business venture Tres Carnales Taqueria–known as one of downtown Edmonton’s favourite eateries. Once again, they've tempted our palates with authentic Mexican cuisine at their new restaurant, Rostizado.

These three homeboys (or Carnales in Mexican slang) have come together from very different backgrounds with one thing in common–an intense passion for all things Mexican. Once you get chatting with them, you’ll learn about Dani’s days in the restaurant scene of Puerto Vallarta, Chris’s months of travel immersed in Mexican and Central American culture, Edgar’s culinary expertise and maybe walk away with a few cooking tips!


Rostizado is a place to pass abundant platters, share drinks and celebrate. The long wooden tables, exposed red brick and open-style kitchen contribute to the homey yet buzzing ambiance in the air. You’ll feel right at home as conversations spark with the friendly servers over the variety of dishes and spices or even the tunes spinning on the record player! Whether you’re deciphering the Spanish quotes on the walls or admiring the bright colours and décor, there’s always something to catch your eye in this rustic and authentic dwelling.


Planted in the heart of the warehouse district and on 4th street promenade, Rostizado can be the much-needed break from a day filled with shopping or the get-together with friends before a night out on the town. Located in the Mercer Warehouse between Startup Edmonton and Transcend, it draws a crowd of entrepreneurs and trendsetters. A perfect place for a lunchtime meeting or an after work drink, just make sure to get there early as it’s always bustling.


One tequila, two tequila, ten tequila? There are ten different types of tequila you can choose from on the menu depending on how courageous you’re feeling. If straight tequila isn’t your thing, there are a variety of unique tequila concoctions–whether you go for the Mezcal Mule, La Bonita or the classic Tamarind Margarita, you’re sure to sip on something savory. And of course there are plenty of cervezas and wines to choose from, all of which are Mexican favorites.