Date Night in Edmonton: Winter Edition

Nov 18, 2019

Winter may be cold, but boy, is it romantic. A fresh blanket of snow insulates the city while the moon shines like a luminous nail clipping in the dark night sky. You pull up to your date’s house in your '97 Tercel, and you don’t know it yet, but this is the start of something special. You hold hands, and even though they’re covered in woolly mittens, the electricity is palpable. Sigh. Winter truly is the season for falling in love.

Planning a first date (of a hopeful many)? looking for date ideas to spice things up? Searching for romantic things to do this weekend? Look no further than this handy guide.

Catch an Improv Show

Take a Distillery Tour

Skating, Skating and more Skating

Get Jazzy at the Yardbird Suite

Snowshoe and Stargaze at Elk Island

Go on a Culinary Adventure