Canadian Hydrogen Convention

dmg presents the Canadian Hydrogen Convention

The Inaugural Event

We had around 4,000 hydrogen leaders visit Edmonton and engage with one another to accelerate the hydrogen transition. Seeing Edmonton profiled so predominantly on the trade floor was inspiring.
Brent Lakeman Director, Hydrogen Initiative - Edmonton Global

How Explore Edmonton helped

It was a challenge to pull off this event within seven months, including a period of uncertainty during the Omicron wave of COVID-19. Generally, an Edmonton Convention Centre Event Manager would be introduced to an event client 8-12 months in advance to start answering preliminary questions, especially for a first time event. For the Canadian Hydrogen Convention in 2022, these conversations and logistics were executed in just over two months.

Collaboration between dmg events, Explore Edmonton, Edmonton Global, and Alberta’s Industrial Heartland was incredibly important. For high-profile events like this, Explore Edmonton's partnership with Edmonton Global is invaluable.

Edmonton Global worked closely with Explore Edmonton and other partners during the lead up to the event. The focus and creativity that Explore Edmonton brought to the table made this a truly memorable event.
Brent Lakeman Director, Hydrogen Initiative - Edmonton Global

Event Legacy in the Community

Edmonton is now the meeting place for the hydrogen sector.
Nick Samain Vice President, North America - dmg events

A future-focused event