Carbon Neutral Events

Explore Edmonton has partnered with Ostrom Climate, one of the largest and most experienced full-service carbon management teams in North America, to measure and offset your event’s carbon footprint through our Carbon Neutral Events program. Our dedicated Sustainability team provides complimentary consulting and guidance to both reduce carbon emissions at your event and offset unavoidable emissions.

What is a Carbon Neutral Event?

A carbon neutral event means that event organizers have made efforts to reduce non-essential emissions and offset the remaining unavoidable greenhouse gases (GHGs) to balance out emissions resulting from event activities.

Within our program, your event can be Carbon Neutral or Climate Friendly. By providing all the information listed within the program requirements, Explore Edmonton can set your event’s net footprint to zero. If you are unable to provide all the details necessary for a carbon neutral event, your event can still qualify as Climate Friendly by providing information related to venue and travel.

What is a Carbon Offset?

Carbon offsets are investments in projects that remove the equivalent volume of unavoidable GHGs emitted from your event from the atmosphere. Our offset purchases fund projects such as landfill gas capture facilities, wind farms, reforestation projects, and others that reduce carbon emissions on your behalf. These projects are verified and validated by third parties to ensure that the emission reductions are real, additional, and permanent.

Why Carbon Offset?

Carbon offsetting allows us to be accountable for our impacts and create a more sustainable future and resilient events industry. Attendees, investors, and other event stakeholders can feel better attending and supporting your event knowing that it is operating in a responsible way.

Host a Carbon Neutral Event