Amii AI Week

Amii Presents AI Week

We were excited by the opportunity to host a multi-day, multi-venue event series that gave our delegates a fantastic experience learning more about the science and business of AI while also showcasing many of Edmonton's amazing hotspots and hidden gems.

Spencer Murray, Director of Communications & Public Relations - Amii

AI Week 2022 brought together diverse individuals from the academic, business, government, investment, and startup communities. Included in this group were individuals from around the world who received the opportunity to attend through Amii’s talent bursary program. These recipients may not have otherwise had the means to travel to Edmonton and attend AI Week.

Altogether, AI Week focuses on bringing together communities that may not always interact. By connecting across industries and sectors, delegates experience opportunities to connect and learn.

How Explore Edmonton Helped

Explore Edmonton’s Business Events team provided resources to help Amii execute AI Week. The result? A successful and sustainable business event that delivered impactful economic benefits.

We were pleased to have the support of Explore Edmonton for our inaugural AI Week. Always willing to offer resources and provide helpful suggestions, the Business Events team gave us confidence that we were not alone in the planning and execution of this major event. Their assistance helped us make the first AI Week a great success.

Spencer Murray, Director of Communications & Public Relations - Amii

The Business Events team connected Amii to other teams at Explore Edmonton, like Event Development and Sustainability. While the Event Development team provided experience recommendations, the Sustainability team provided Carbon Neutral Event program consulting.

Amii planned AI Week 2022 amidst the ever-changing reality of COVID-19, but Explore Edmonton was there to help them navigate the city’s recovering service levels.


This inclusive event also generated a Direct Economic Impact of $949,294 and supported 275 jobs. Opportunity for economic development in Artificial Intelligence within the Edmonton region is massive. As a core member of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, Edmonton is also home to one of the top AI research institutions in the world – the University of Alberta. AI Week now anchors Edmonton’s place in the industry by acting as a launch point for future growth and as an inspiration to future startups or founders.


To mitigate the climate impacts, Explore Edmonton invested in carbon offsets from Ostrom Climate’s Climate Action Portfolio. These include long-term conservation projects such as the Darkwoods Forest Carbon Project and The Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project. This portfolio also supports a variety of clean energy projects that reduce the need for fossil fuels.

Ultimately, the event was carbon neutral because Explore Edmonton purchased offsets equal to the number of tonnes emitted. Now, Amii is also armed with data to understand the event’s emissions and strive to continue to lower them in future years.


AI Week is now an annual event with a new name: visit to learn more and get your early bird ticket for 2023.