Enoch Cree Nation Pow Wow

Celebrate the 29th annual competition Pow Wow!

Join us for the weekend of July 7-9 for the Enoch Cree Nation 29th annual competition Pow Wow! Grand entry starts Friday, July 7 at 6pm. Everyone is welcome, and we hope to see you there!


Pow Wow time is the Indigenous people’s way of meeting together to join in dancing, singing, visiting, renewing old friendships, making new ones, and most importantly, celebrating and honoring traditions. Quintessential to this celebration are the dancers and singers. The songs of the Big Drum are sung by those who sit around it, and the beating sound is often said to parallel the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Each song is begun by the Lead Singer who is often the main carrier of many songs. Those are the songs that have been learned throughout the years and passed down from generations.

Dancers have always been a very important part of life for Indigenous people. Most dances seen at Pow Wows today are social dances which might have had different meanings in earlier days. Although dance styles have evolved and content has changed, their meaning and importance has not. The regalia worn by the dancers – like the styles of clothing today, transforms over time – showcases a vibrant and changing way of life.


  • Please ask permission before taking pictures of dancers.
  • Do not touch eagle feathers or other items without asking permission.
  • Always stand during special songs, including Grand Entry, Flag Songs, Veteran Songs, Memorial Songs, Prayer Songs, and any song the announcer(s) designates. It's also customary to remove any hats that you have on during the song.
  • Pay attention to the announcers, they will give all of the information you need, as well as entertain you and keep you posted on news.
  • Have fun, ask questions, and meet people!

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