See Edmonton from a bird's eye view at the Snow Valley Aerial Park! Imagine climbing through a mix between the most amazing treehouse you've ever seen and a giant jungle gym. This incredible tower of obstacles and games is the first of its kind in Canada and 3rd in North America. With a dedicated kid's route on the ground level for ages 3-6, and 90+ games on levels 1 to 3, there is something for everyone.

Unique to Snow Valley Aerial Park games include a ski bridge, snowboard balance bridge, a coal car, picnic table, bicycle, plus much more! The games are graded similar to the runs on a ski hill: green, blue and black.

If you are a hard core climbing parent with active kids, go test yourself on the black “Ninja warrior” course. If you are a first timer and afraid of heights, there are games you’ll find rewarding on the first level. The view from the picnic tables on the top deck will be breath-taking! Average climbing experience will be about two to two and half hours.

This attraction is open from the May long weekend to the October Thanksgiving weekend.

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