5 Trails to Try This Winter

Jan 5, 2023

Throw on a warm pair of boots, pick up a hot drink and embrace winter in all of its glory! Discover some of the greatest parts of Edmonton on foot – we’ve got a hit list of some of the best nearby trails that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the season and our stunning city. Looking for more outdoor adventure? Check out our Best Hikes and Walks article and channel your inner explorer!


LENGTH: 2-3 KM (Aprx 30 mins)

Hawrelak Park is temporarily closed for park rehabilitation, beginning on March 13, 2023 for three years. The river valley trail system around the perimeter remains open for users but occasional, short-term detours of trails may occur.

Food and drink nearby: Head to nearby Whyte Avenue in Old Strathcona to discover a wide variety of food and drink options!


LENGTH: 5.5 KM (Aprx 1-1.5 hrs.)

This loop offers the perfect blend of city and nature, with over half of the route shaded by trees. Along the way, you'll have the chance to take in stunning views of the river and downtown skyline. Some breathtaking photo ops can be had at the trailhead in Ezio Farone Park or on the Dudley B. Menzies footbridge. The path has some brief inclines and may be icy in places, so wear sturdy winter boots and embrace your sense of adventure!

Food and drink nearby:
Stopgap Coffee, District Cafe, The Common.


LENGTH: 6 KM (Aprx 1-1.5 hrs.)

Start your adventure at the Instagram-worthy 100 Street Funicular, which gives easy access by way of two elevators into the river valley trail system (with a fantastic view from top). Next, cross the historic steel low-level bridge and dip back under the bridge to start off on the trail next to the river. Most of the south side path winds its way through beautiful tree covered trails, encountering two tiny neighbourhoods nestled off of Scona Road. The trail ends with a jaunt over the Walterdale Bridge and a walk through Rossdale, meandering past historic sites like the old brick power plant.

Food and drink nearby: Credo, Woodwork, Craft Beer Market.


LENGTH: 7.1 KM (Aprx 1.5 hrs.)

Walterdale Bridge to Tawatinâ Bridge is a 7.1 kilometre out-and-back trail that features beautiful views of the river and is good for all skill levels. Tawatinâ, the pedestrian bridge that runs under the LRT line, is 260 metres long and features more than 400 stunning Indigenous artworks. This is a must-visit for lovers of nature, art and expansive snow-covered vistas. The snow can get a little packed in certain areas, so throw on some proper footwear. Consider adding traction devices like crampons to your shoes to help you navigate the ice!

Food and drink nearby:
Dogpatch, High Level Diner.


LENGTH: 8 KM (Aprx 2 hrs.)

Which way to head first on this hike depends on how hungry you are! The lovely Little Brick Cafe situated in Riverdale is the perfect excuse for a winter walk. Stop in and enjoy their cozy winter patio fully equipped with outdoor heaters. You’ll either hit this cafe about 30 minutes in, heading east through Louise McKinney Park or 1.5 hours in after passing through two riverside parks and the ultra-blue Dawson Bridge. Take a moment at the overlook near McNally School for an amazing view of the city skyline.

Food and drink nearby:
Little Brick Cafe.