Edmonton's Drag Scene

By Catherine Dunwoody Catherine Dunwoody is like a proud parent when it comes to boasting about Edmonton – shamelessly sharing the city's attributes with a photo album in her iPhone to boot. As a freelance content creator, she’s circled the globe, and her work has appeared in a wide variety of print and online publications plus broadcast – including Travel & Leisure, The Globe & Mail, Food Network Canada, CTV and more.
Jun 2, 2023

Every June, we celebrate Pride Month across Canada. Edmonton has a lengthy history with drag in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, and the art form has grown to the point where it’s considered accessible and mainstream, blowing the doors open to the entire city! It’s indisputable that world class performer and media personality Ru Paul has planted the term drag firmly into our vernacular and elevated the art to a reach-for-the-stars level. This joyful, often hilarious, and always inclusive mode of entertainment is ours to enjoy year-round everywhere, including Edmonton.

Protecting and fostering drag is more important and timelier than ever in today’s cultural climate. Edmonton’s own Pepper, a finalist on Out TV’s Call Me Mother, is proud to champion up-and-coming local talent while performing for twenty years and counting. “I am very involved in my drag community,” she says. “I’m trying to educate and inspire during shows. Making sure my drag is on point. Showing the multiple skill required to pull this art form off.”

“With drag being in the pop culture forefront, it has expanded into so many new forms of expression,” Pepper says. “Drag used to be something in the shadows, only enjoyed by a discriminated community. Therefore, it held many misconceptions of what it was. Now it's an art form that's respected and revered, and the general public is becoming educated on this multifaceted craft. Like any art it will keep growing, evolving, and expanding as long as we keep representing and sharing the pure joy that it is.”

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