Guide to Queer Edmonton

By Rob Browatzke
Nov 22, 2022

Edmonton is home to many small businesses and groups of particular importance to the city’s 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Whether these businesses are owned and operated by members of Edmonton’s dynamic rainbow communities, or simply strong allies who proudly show their support, they all contribute to the diversity in our city!

The Quiltbag

Audreys Books

The Orlando Corner at Audreys Books not only features a great selection of queer fiction and non-fiction, but also showcases local queer writers. This corner is a nod to Orlando Books: Edmonton’s infamous former feminist and queer bookshop. Continuing the championship of marginalized writers, Audreys has been a home and an ally to Edmonton’s 2SLGBTQIA+ writers for decades!

Food & Drink

Queer Events & Venues

Edmonton is seeing an increase in the number of queer events popping up outside traditional queer spaces. Three groups that dominate the Edmonton pop-up queer landscape are the Imperial Sovereign Court of the Wild Rose (ISCWR), Party Queens, and Fruit Loop. The ISCWR has been providing Edmonton with drag entertainment since the late 70s; with multiple shows and fundraisers every month, it’s easy to find one of their events. Party Queens is a booking agency and event production company for many of Edmonton’s drag performers; from park shows to brunches to private gigs, PQ entertainers are always out and about all over Edmonton!

Closely tied to both Fruit Loop and Edmonton’s drag scene is Edmonton’s theatre community. Whether it's during Edmonton’s Fringe Festival or at any other time of the year, spaces like the Grindstone, Metro Cinema at the Garneau, or the recently reopened Roxy Theatre have a history of being champions of queer art and artists in Alberta’s Capital City!

Pride Corner

A recent addition to Edmonton’s queer scene is the Pride Corner on Whyte! This Friday evening outdoor dance party began as a way to combat homophobic messaging from a street preacher and has gone on to become a space to gather, especially for queer and trans youth. On May 13, 2022, Pride Corner was made official with a proclamation from the City of Edmonton, with exciting new rainbow street signage installed by The City on the corner of 104 St and Whyte Avenue in Mid-July.

The Pride Centre of Edmonton

In Edmonton, you can shop, eat, drink, dance, and party safely in spaces that are progressive and welcoming! This list of places is intended to give you some jumping off spots in your quest to support local and support queer.

This article is written with 2SLGBTQIA+ travelers in mind. While many places in Edmonton are in fact always welcoming of all regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, some travelers prefer to know which spaces, events, and venues are explicitly queer.