Experience the wonder of the midway at K-Days, Edmonton’s extravaganza of rides, games, music, food and adventure. The rides and games alone will leave you breathless and wanting more. See the colourful parade full of brass bands and beautiful floats, and watch fireworks lighting up the night sky. Be one of the thousands of people screaming out for the band onstage. Savor the tangy smokiness of a perfectly barbecued rib, taste the warm sugary bliss of freshly fried donuts and bite into the gooey crispness of a candy apple.

Take the kids to Kids Town or the Kids Entertainment Stage, where they can see some of North America’s top entertainers for children. Witness a dramatic presentation of Guns of the Gold West, based on the popular legends of the wild frontier. Ride the Panda Hut Express, a smaller scale version of the mighty locomotive that connected the land from the Atlantic to the Pacific. At Kiyanaw, find out about the history and culture of the Metis people in an interactive, educational experience, including tea and bannock. Watch thoroughbred racing, test your luck at the Casino….phew…there’s something for everyone at Edmonton’s incredible K-Days.

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