Edmonton's Best Pizzerias

Edmonton's best pizza is like the city itself: unpretentious, ambitious and authentic. Old school pizzerias and chic Neapolitan pizza joints have made Edmonton's pizza scene amongst the most respected in the world. Italian tradition and modern culinary flair collide at many of the city’s pizzerias, creating new and innovative slices that you need to taste for yourself.




Tony's Pizza Palace

You might not be surprised to hear that some of the best pizza in Edmonton is coming from the kitchen of a guy named Tony. Tony Mazzotta Sr's Pizza Palace came to Edmonton from Cosenza, Italy via a stint of pizza-slinging in the Bronx. Tony's New York style pizza has repeatedly been recognized as the best slice in Edmonton.



Although it’s not the first pizza chain started in Edmonton, Famoso might offer the consistently most authentic, fire-roasted Naples-style pizza in Canada. Their pizza menu is split between classic pies that have been around as long as pizza itself, and New World creations that mix in modern flavours. Seven locations in Edmonton means there is no excuse not to sample some high-quality pizza while in town.