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Spring / Summer

World Waterpark

With more than 17 unique and tube-friendly waterslides looping around—long and fast, short and twisty—the kid in you comes out. Close your eyes. You’re instantly transported to a remote Hawaiian coast. Splash around in the wave pool. Rent a tube and surf the tall waves.

Look up. A zipline ride runs the entire length of the World Waterpark. With 4 parallel 137 meter ziplines, grab three of your friends and race down to a photo finish. Once the adrenaline stops coursing through your body, do it again! The rush of flying high above the wave pool is an incredibly safe, fun and memorable experience.

Relax on the giant indoor beach, next to the palm trees. Or rent your own “beachfront patio” with soft-seating, table and chairs, and towels for the family. Or book your own cabana, complete with private bathroom. Three large hot tubs soothe adults and kids alike. Even the little ones have their own adventure area. Fuel-up with food and snacks at the Coconut Grove concession, and return to your oasis for more.

Surf the Prairies

Have you ever surfed the prairies before? Well if not, grab your swim trunks or bikini and get ready to 'shoot the curl' all day long at the World Waterpark! Imagine the feeling as that first swell creeps up behind you. You brace your elbows and get ready to have the paddle battle of a lifetime with your surfing companions. You steady yourself as the wave catches you full force... you're UP! Now ride that bad boy all the way back to shore while looking back at your former companions, now drenched from their tumbles into the waves.


Are you a gamer who likes adventure? If so, then we've got just the thing for you. Slideboarding is an interactive, multi-level game built within a waterslide. Here is how it works: You sit in a vehicle (a Slideboard), which has an embedded game controller. You then travel down the waterslide, pressing coloured buttons on the Slideboard that match the overhead lights in the slide, which are the targets. Your goal? To activate as many of the animated LED targets as possible and beat the high score. What’s even cooler? You can customize your ride, choosing the music and level of difficulty, and the gaming system tracks your progress.