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Spring / Summer

Cafe Mosaics

For over 25 years, Cafe Mosaics has been a hole in a wall on Whyte Avenue. Even with a sign, customers would walk past the restaurant several times before realizing they found the little jewel of a space they've been looking for. Now that they have gone through renovations making the space lighter and more open to the street, Cafe Mosaics is just a bigger hole in the wall.

Aside from the restaurant being a staple on Whyte Avenue for over 25 years, Cafe Mosaics continues to create nutritious and tasty vegetarian/vegan comfort food and drinks for the soul. Their food is simple with very little magic behind it but executed really well. Prepping on a daily basis using fresh produce and high quality product with a dollop of love really goes a long way in putting together a tasty meal. What makes them unique is that they don't really fit in a specific category nor is it something they strive for. Are they a coffee shop? A restaurant? Full service? Self Serve? Hipsters? Vegan Activists? Their motive is simply to do things that feel good and genuine for the environment, for the animals, and for the human soul.

The interior is bright, transparent, and colourfully adorned with rotating artwork by local artists and loud music in the background. A lot of thought went into the renovation to accurately project the restaurant's vision. The intention was not to impose an identity but a framework for the people, the art, the music and food to match the food to the space. The materials used are either found, repurposed, recycled and if it is purchased, the materials are affordable and very basic.

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Daily 7:00am-11:00pm