Brahm's Symphony No. 3

A brilliant performance!

Experience the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Ruth Reinhardt this March as they present Brahms' Symphony No. 3. Known for its warmth and cherished by concertgoers, Brahms' third symphony is a collection of musical jewels, as described by Clara Schumann. Preceding this masterpiece, immerse yourself in Carl Philip Emanuel Bach's emotionally charged flute concerto, featuring a range of moods from stormy to joyous, with melodies that demand breath-defying skills.

Then, delight in Finnish composer Lotta Wennäkoski's overture, an exhilarating journey through musical buoyancy, exploring fluctuations in volume and intensity. Don't miss the opportunity to deepen your appreciation for the evening's repertoire by attending a Prelude presentation with Natalie Boisvert before the concerts, offering insights into the pieces being performed.

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