Plaza Bowling Co.

Plaza Bowling Co. is an old school bowling alley with some modern bells and whistles. Bring together some pals, family, or colleagues and hit the lanes for some tasty local beer, and eats by Drift Food Truck - all on the backdrop of a vintage five-pin alley. Beer is delicious. Bowling is fun. Combining the two is right up Plaza Bowling Co.'s alley. They love a well brewed beer almost as much as they love throwing a turkey (that's bowling talk for rolling three strikes in a row). Their taps are always pouring tasty offerings like hoppy IPAs, fruity saisons and crisp lagers.

The game of five-pin bowling was invented in 1909 at Toronto Bowling Club in response to customer feedback that ten-pin was too strenuous; the game is played only in Canada. Plus, the 16 five-pin wood lanes are the original lanes that were installed back in 1959!

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