124 Street Grand Market

A twist on the traditional market

With a twist on traditional, the 124 Street Grand Market is back and bigger than ever! The market combines everything Edmontonians love in the summer, from a pack of roving food trucks and live entertainment to talented artists and fresh, local foods. Open from May to October every year, the Grand Market makes weekends that much more delectable. Stock up, fill up or just soak it all in!

Thursday - 108 Avenue & 124 Street
May 13-October 7 from 4:00pm-8:00pm
*Entrance near 124 Street

Saturday - Manchester Square - 107 Avenue & 120 Street
June 4-October 8 from 11:00am-3:00pm

Sunday - 102 Avenue & 124 Street
June 6-September 26 from 11:00pm-3:00pm
*Entrance near Robertson-Wesly Church

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