Best Places to Watch Sunrises & Sunsets in Edmonton

Mar 8, 2022

We might not have mountain views, but here in Edmonton our prairie skies are legendary. Regardless of the temperature, we have a host of locations all around the city that are perfect for taking in mother nature's magical views, from sunrise to sunset.

Waking up just got a whole lot easier

Not an early bird? Not a problem! In Edmonton the sun rises as late as 8:49am in the winter months, leaving you with plenty of time to get up, grab a local coffee, and check out a stunning sunrise! In the heat of summer, our sunrises are sure to make anyone a morning person.

The Best Way to End the Day

Winter sunsets hit differently. On the shortest day of the year, the sun sets around 3:00pm, which means you can get some fresh air while taking in an astounding sunset, all before dinnertime. Hoping to cap off a glorious summer evening? Edmonton's epic summertime sunsets begin on average at 10:00pm.