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Spring / Summer

Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival

The Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival promotes Dragon Boat racing for fun, sport and recreation. The festival showcases Asian and multiculturalism in the city of Edmonton. Grab your spot in a boat or come cheer the particpants on as they rip down Telford Lake in Leduc, Alberta, just a 40 minute drive from Downtown Edmonton.

During the three day festival that takes place every August, the pulsation from drum beats can be heard throughout area. Each dragon boat is led by a drummer who produces a rythmic drum beat, or the boats "heartbeat", which keeps the paddlers in sync as they battle neck-and-neck with their rivals down the river. Teams take great pride in wearing their team's colours and decorating their dragon boats to intimidate the competiton. Pick your favourite team early and cheer them on right to the finish.

Please Note: Due to extensive City of Edmonton construction affecting the usual festival site in Louise McKinney Park, this year’s Festival will be held at Telford Lake in Leduc, AB