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Spring / Summer

Best Brunch Spots in Edmonton

by Nykala Shone

There’s a reason breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day–because it’s everything you could ever want and need all wrapped up in some delicious eats! It doesn’t matter whether you crave something sweet or savory, brunch is here to save your grumbling stomach and fill that breakfast-less void in your day.

Old Country Inn (Formerly Barb and Ernies)
This place is down-right classic Edmonton. Any local can tell you this gem has stuck around through Edmonton’s good times and bad times, and there’s definitely a reason for it. If you’re an eggs benedict connoisseur, the next place you need to mosey your way down to is this one. Must-haves include any type of eggs benny you can get your hands on. Literally, any kind.

Old Country Inn Brunch

Hathaway’s Diner
Get ready to venture over to Edmonton’s favourite North Side diner. Hathaway’s is teeming with endless character, fresh made pies and perfectly cooked eggs. You’ll be greeted at your table by the friendliest staff you can imagine, which will make your brunch taste that much better. Side note: if you’re into hot sauce, make sure to ask for a bottle out of their stash. And some milk for afterwards when your mouth is on fire. We speak from experience.

Café Mosaics
It only seems fitting to include an iconic Whyte Ave location on this list, and Café Mosaics fits the bill. You know the brunch is good when you don’t even notice the sausage they just served you was actually made completely out of vegetables. You read that correctly. This vegetarian and vegan friendly breakfast place has fooled even the pickiest of meatatarians. Café Mosaics is so popular, it doesn’t even have a sign with its name outside the restaurant…and you’ll still find it packed to the brim.

cafe mosaics vegetarian restaurant edmonton

New York Bagel Café
What can one say about New York Bagel Cafe, except that until you’ve experienced it, you’ll never know its goodness. Picture your choice of homemade bagel (we highly recommend cheese) topped with a perfectly poached egg, buttery hollandaise, and some crazy cool ingredients. A few personal favourites include the Secondo, a classic topped with prosciutto and apples, and Bobby’s benedict, a full beef patty dressed up with pickles. As an added bonus (as if the cheese bagel wasn’t enough already!), each benedict comes plated with a bunch of neat little fancy fruits.

Café Bicyclette
If omelettes with a little je-ne-sais-quoi are your jam, then checking out Café Bicyclette for your morning meal is a must. They are light, fluffy and packed with tasty ingredients like edam cheese, ham and mushrooms. Their quiche is a delight as well, made with rotating ingredients that won’t disappoint. Pair the meal with a creamy cappuccino and a raspberry danish to-go.

Canteen is a place where your breakfast dreams really do come true. Waffles? Check. Huevos Canteenos? Check. Full belly? Check. They’ve got everything from your classics, like pancakes with bacon and eggs, to dishes for those with heftier appetites, like melt in your mouth beef brisket and braised turkey legs. But it’s no secret how awesome this place is, which is why you’ll need to make a reso before you get there. Yes, even for breakfast!