Sustainability at YEG

YEG Airport a global leader in environmental and social sustainability

YEG’s sustainability journey started in the early 2000s and has rapidly progressed, especially in recent years. Here’s where we list many of those firsts:

  • In 2021, YEG became the first airport in the world to sign The Climate Pledge, an initiative led by Amazon that now includes more than 300 global businesses and organizations pledging to be carbon neutral by 2040.
  • YEG and Air Canada signed the world’s first sustainability agreement between an airline and an airport in 2021. The two are focusing on initiatives promoting a cleaner environment, including electrification of aviation ground-handling equipment, hydrogen fuel cell technologies, green power generation, elimination of single-use plastic items and much more.
  • We are the first airport terminal in Canada to receive LEED® Gold certification. It has allowed YEG to reduce the energy intensity of the terminal by almost 50 per cent while doubling the size of the building.
  • YEG is the first airport in Canada to begin regularly scheduled drone delivery operations in a controlled airspace. Using zero-emission drones to conduct final-mile delivery service will help reduce vehicle traffic and emissions and connect products to remote or isolated communities.

“YEG’s Airport City is one of only two of its kind Canada, attracting $1.5 billion in investment over the past nine years,” said Keehn. “It is a growing hub of transportation, cargo logistics, manufacturing, sustainability, technology development, hospitality and tourism. We are excited about the collaboration and innovation of all Airport City businesses who work to advance the commercialization of emerging clean technologies.”

YEG is truly evolving to be much more than an airport. It’s a community dedicated to ensuring a positive future for our planet and people.

Take a look at all the sustainability initiatives at YEG.