Edmonton, you showed up - as you always do. And hockey is just the beginning!

For the first time in decades, we made it to the Stanley Cup Final. Through every win, loss, and nail-biting moment, we believed and stood strong, cheering on the Oilers right to the bitter end.

This grit, stamina, and belief are a reflection of the very fabric of our community. This passion is a part of our identity, and we will continue to put this fire to incredible work outside the rink.

Thank you, Edmonton, for showing up. For believing. Though the Stanley Cup slipped through our fingers this time, this isn't the end. We'll get 'em next year! Let's Go Oilers!

Celebrate Edmonton!

Edmonton, with its passionate fans and vibrant culture, is full of winners who embody that same grit and heart that led us to reach the Stanley Cup Final. Keep the fandom going by supporting all the Edmontonians who make this city the best place to live and visit!

Two people at The Works Art and Design Festival in Churchill Square.

Attend a Festival

Did you know our community runs over 50 festivals here in Edmonton throughout the year? Each month holds new festivities to celebrate our vibrancy and diversity. Refer to this list to see what is happening throughout the year!

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A spread of food from RNG RD.

Experience Edmonton Cuisine

We don't only win at hockey, we also win at food - literally. Edmonton is home to award-winning restaurants and boasts of a rich and diverse cuisine scene. Discover some of the incredible restaurants, cafes, breweries, and bar houses our city has to offer.

Explore Edmonton's Food Scene
Exterior of the Art Gallery of Alberta in downtown Edmonton.

Visit An Attraction

There is an endless list of things to do in town - and these top-tier places are definitely worth more than one visit. Have you taken advantage of all the incredible experiences yet?

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Cheer on More Teams!

The sports doesn't stop at hockey! Edmonton boasts of several other sports teams including baseball, football, basketball, and more! Keep the fandom going as you cheer on our other teams.

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Woman sits on swing ride at night at KDays in Edmonton

Community Events

There is always something happening. Check out our event calendar to see some of the exciting events happening around the city!

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Here's to our team, our city, and every person who continues to believe!