Ugly Food Challenge


Food waste in Canada is a huge issue.

Almost 60 per cent of food produced in our country is either wasted or lost.

That’s the same as 35 million tons of food waste every year.

On top of that, about 30 per cent of that is considered edible food and could be eaten.

Tips to reduce food waste:

1. Be conscious of where you purchase your food from. When possible, buy produce directly from farms or farmers or unconventional produce markets. Many grocery chains won’t carry imperfect foods – those that do, it’s a great product to support.

2. Be conscious of the food waste being produced inside your home. Be smart about meal planning and choose to eat anything that’s edible. There are great websites and social media content creators that have recipes and recommendations for zero-waste cooking.

3. If your food is getting close to spoiling: freeze it or cook it and freeze it. You can also donate it to one of several food donation programs in Edmonton.

Don’t forget to show us how you’re using your ugly foods! #uglyfood