The Journey to Creating Edmonton’s Tiramisu Bistro

Let’s start from the beginning.

Isaac was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Her mother worked in the airline industry and sent her on trips from a young age. At 17 years old, Isaac moved to Italy from Ethiopia.

“My main city was Rome,” said Isaac. “I grew up traveling so it was fine for me to find jobs in other cities in Italy and go work there.”

She worked in the restaurant industry, but she also did some modelling while she was there. While this all sounds fabulous, she said “I just felt lost.”

So begins her journey to Canada. She went to the Canadian Embassy and after a three-month process she was offered to go to Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. She had family in Toronto and Montreal.

“I didn’t want to go to any of those places,” said Isaac. “The whole idea was to figure it out on my own. I had no idea Canada was so big.”

The Canadian Government offered her the opportunity to come to Alberta’s capital city and she quickly accepted, despite knowing nothing about our city.

She worked at several restaurants before moving on to the government. She was with the Government of Alberta in child welfare and then on to the federal level, where she finally got to work in a sector that she really wanted to be in, immigration. She was there until she started a family and stayed home with her three daughters for 10 years.