Not Your Average Getaway

Discover Culture and Luxury at Métis Crossing

Looking for a unique and educational experience this winter? The team at Métis Crossing invites you to take a step into history and join them for an unforgettable experience, fit for even the coldest of Alberta temperatures.

Sitting on 688-acres of land that is made up of original river lot titles from Métis settlers in the late 1800’s, Métis Crossing provides guests with unique experiences that are tailored for all ages, all four seasons of the year!

With the intention of preserving cultural heritage in mind while combining contemporary elements, the Lodge at Métis Crossing was specifically designed for guests to take a step back in time and be curious about all the history that came before.

“Métis Crossing is a place where we can celebrate and share our own story about our time on this land” says CEO Juanita Marois. “Nowhere in Canada have the Métis people ever had an opportunity to share and celebrate their own story. Métis Crossing gives us the chance to tell the world who our people are, but from a very experiential direction.”

From the beautifully crafted 40-room boutique lodge that was designed by Métis artist and architect Tiffany Shaw-Collinge, to the traditional and memorable contemporary Métis culinary experiences curated by experienced chefs, Métis Crossing has a variety of all-inclusive winter packages that range from family getaways to couple's retreats, with the main goal of letting guests have sole focus on quality time with their loved ones while exploring the land.

“Métis Crossing is dreamed of, planned, designed, built, and operated by Métis people” Marois states. “When visitors decide to include Métis Crossing in their travel plans, they are investing in our nation and are playing a big part in the process of reconciliation.”

The cold weather that comes with Alberta winter is not hindering Métis Crossing core programming. In fact, they encourage guests to come to the property during the winter season.

“This is our first winter where we’re open for the entire season, so this is definitely a special time for us” Marois says. “From our skywatching domes and family activities like tubing and skating, to our fire pit where we do Indigenous storytelling in the evenings, Métis Crossing gives our guests a full experience of outdoor and cultural opportunities here in the winter.”

To learn more about Métis Crossing, or to book your dream winter experience today you can call 780-656-2229 or visit for booking information and further details.