Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse

Pampa is a region in South America where cattle are raised and where the tradition of Churrasco cooking began. What the heck is Churrasco cooking you might be asking? It’s a Portuguese and Spanish term referring to grilled meat which is the main dish at Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse. The restaurant features marble floors and large, brightly coloured paintings scattered across the boldly coloured walls. And if we’re talking walls, don’t forget to check out the floor to ceiling glass wine case that will be calling your name.

  • Room Name : Main Dining Room.
  • Capacity : 145 - Banquet/Seated Style.
  • A/V : None.
  • Room Name : Private Dining Room.
  • Capacity : 72 - Banquet/Seated Style.
  • A/V : TV, Wireless Microphone.