Inside this brightly lit café, cocktail bar, and steakhouse guests will find inviting brick walls, dark wooden and mosaic tiled floors, and a central coffee bar adorned in wood and brass. Mid-century modern tables and velvet couches line the café’s windowed walls overlooking the 104th Street Promenade. Venturing further inside, DOSC seamlessly transforms into a stunning cocktail bar and steakhouse with an elegantly decorated and extremely well-stocked brass-topped bar, surrounded by plush bar stools. Nearby, high-top tables and large leather booths provide an elegant sojourn while the private tasting room’s long glass and oak barrel table is a welcome stop for small groups. Whether you need to impress a client over dinner, host a networking function, or meet for a casual coffee, DOSC’s beautiful décor and large open-concept design makes it a highly sought-after venue.

Room Name Square Feet Seated Capacity Standing Capacity
Tasting Room 14 Banquet
Lower Dining 20 Banquet
Upper Dining 50 Banquet
Whiskey Lounge 10 Banquet 15 Reception