Deep Freeze: A Byzantine Winter Adventure

This two-day festival brings together diverse cultures and revels in the magic and beauty of winter.

Note: the official dates for Deep Freeze are tentative and to be confirmed at a later date. Stay tuned for updates!

The winter adventure, Deep Freeze, celebrates the Russian/Ukrainian “Olde New Year” and embraces our northern climate by melding artistic panache with authentic cultural and heritage winter games and fun. Line up your rock, push off the hack and lose your voice encouraging friends and family to sweep in a pick-up game of Old Tyme curling. Families can also enjoy other traditional winter activities including snow wagon rides, winter mini golf, street hockey and the famous deep freezer race. Watch ice sculptors craft their masterpieces, slide down a giant ice slide, cheer on contestants of competition de boucheron (log cutting competition) or just enjoy good Canadian winter eats. Plan on spending a full day if not two at this activity-packed winter celebration.

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