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Patio Dreamin'

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by Edmonton Tourism Team

Summer is the perfect time to take a trip down patio lane. Come one, come all! And join us on this epic Edmonton odyssey. Follow our hit-list to guide you through those long, hot summer nights… you’re never alone with a cold drink in your hand!

The Black Dog

Overlooking Whyte Ave, and aptly named the ‘Wooftop,’ the garden patio atop the Black Dog is one of the most casual, unassuming places to dive into a barley sandwich.
Must Try: Pretty well any beer should do it.

Café Bicyclette

Do you speak French? No? Okay. Do you like French food though? Good, because that’s all you need for Café Bicyclette. Situated in the French Quarter and specializing in French-country fare, Café Bicyclette is a pretty awesome place to visit on a bike ride. Café Bicyclette is an authentic and casual French bistro, with an amazing patio. So amazing that they even keep it open during the winter! Is there anything more “Edmonton” than winter patios?
Must Try: Poutine Classic

Courtyard by Marriott

The Courtyard by Marriott is neighbours with Fairmont Hotel Macdonald, and you know what that means – awesome views! The Riverside Bistro is the perfect place to watch all the bikers, rollerbladers (wait, do people still rollerblade?), and joggers.
Must Try: Classic Margarita

Craft Beer Market

Craft has an amazing rooftop patio, complete with a bar, fireplaces/space heaters, a spiffy menu, and of course an unrivaled view. Craft has changed the patio game. Welcome to the most popular spot in downtown Edmonton during the summer months. Go on, kick your feet up, nobody can see you from a couple floors down.
Must Try: Sangria

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

One of Edmonton’s crown jewels is the extensive river valley – for which the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald hotel patio gives front row seats. Grab a seat (and a cocktail) and take in everything from the pyramids piercing the skyline to the Segway riders cruising through the trails just down below.
Must Try: The Mac’s Sensational Iced Tea

Julio’s Barrio

Right in the heart of Old Strathcona, you can sit street-side while gulping down your favourite Bulldog (if you haven’t tried one, you’re missing out). So turn that frown… and Corona upside-down and snag a prime spot to take in Whyte Ave.
Must Try: The “Dog”tor Pepper Bulldog

Leva Cappuccino Bar

Leva quietly has one of the most beautiful patios in Edmonton. Tucked away on a Garneau street near Whyte Avenue and guarded by giant neighbourhood trees, Leva has an Italian flavour that will linger with you longer than you stay. Chow down on one of its phenomenal pizzas, or sip a glass of wine with a cheese platter.
Must Try: Prosciutto Crudo Bocconcini and Arugula Pizza


Nestled in Old Strathcona, MKT has an enormous patio to soak up the sunshine. With dozens and dozens of beers on tap (60 to be exact) and even more in bottles (also 60), MKT is a beer and patio lover’s paradise. It’s in a pretty handy location too, right next to our biggest entertainment district and down the street from great festivals like the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival.
Must Try: Dragon’s Breath Mojito

O2’s on Whyte

Looking for another one of Edmonton’s best rooftop patios? You may have found it at O2’s, where you get to sit perched above Whyte Avenue while you crush margaritas. Don’t act like you don’t love margaritas like the rest of us.
Must Try: Margaritas. Weren’t you listening?

The Pint

Another Edmontonian favourite, The Pint is a great place during the winter to watch the Oilers blow another lead. But during the summer, The Pint opens the floodgates to its massive street-side patio, and the tears of another year without playoffs are long forgotten. Grab a table and you’ll have a front row seat to some prime people-watching on Jasper or Whyte Ave.
Must Try: Wings - all 40 flavours

Sherlock Holmes Pub

It’s no mystery, Sherlock Holmes Pub has a patio seat and a cold beer with your name on it. This classically British food joint joins Craft Beer Market and Tres Carnales on Rice Howard Way, and makes for a great bangers and mash pit-spot on your downtown weekend patio hop.
Must Try: Fish and Chips

Sherlock Holmes Edmonton Patio


A local favourite, the Sugarbowl has over 70 years of experience wooing people with cocktails and delicious snacks. One of the local hangouts for the University crowd (it is just around the corner after all), the Sugarbowl has an assortment of beer that will blow your mind (over 100 different global beers to taste – obviously over two or three nights... four if you’re pacing yourself).
Must Try: The Cinnamon Buns (get ‘em early before they’re gone!)

Three Boars

What? You didn’t know Three Boars had a patio? What it lacks in size, Three Boars makes up for in whiskey. No seriously, we really want you to try their whiskey. The ever-evolving food menu will take you for a trip from tail to snout and everything in between.
Must Try: This is the part where I say whiskey, and you oblige. But because the last time you had whiskey you also hugged the porcelain throne, I will also suggest their Banana Weiss – a clever little beer cocktail

Bodega Highlands

Hit the Highlands this summer and you’ll be as hooked as we are on all things Bodega. Tapas are all about sharing, so we want to give you the gift of knowing that there is perfect sangria waiting for you in the quiet, tree lined streets of the Highlands. And because we are feeling generous, we strongly urge you to order the piri piri prawns.

Tres Carnales

Edmonton’s coolest taco joint will have you feeling the heat, inside and out. Perch up on one of downtown's most sought after patio spots. With an atmosphere and food that simply can’t be beat, what’s not to love? So get your hands on a cerveza and soak in the sights and sounds of Edmonton’s downtown.
Must Try: Whatever the special is, trust them

Downtown Edmonton Culinary Crawl Tres Carnales

Under the High Wheel

Comfort food, you say? Under the high wheel will put you right at home with its homey feel and deliciously modern favourites. From bangers n’ mash to sweet Belgian waffles, this might be your new “go to” if you haven’t been. It also has one of Edmonton’s neatest patios just off of Whyte Ave. Just because it feels like home, doesn’t mean you can wear your mustard-stained sweats, however.
Must Try: Chocolate and Hazelnut Crepe

El Cortez

What’s better than a patio? Two patios, that’s what. Chase the blues away on Margarita Monday’s while you people watch on the Front Patio. Or hit the eclectic back patio, equipped with funky, bright patterned cushions and jugs of Sangria a plenty.
Must Try: Churros with warm caramel sauce