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Edmonton's Best Independent Coffee Shops

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by Edmonton Tourism Team

Edmonton is rich in coffee shops, from the every-man chains (Tim Hortons, Second Cup) to the tiny, indie variety (a la Elm café and Farrow) and everything in between. Over the last year, new coffee shops have popped up in YEG like a bag of Orville Redenbacher’s on movie night. The new generation of sleek, quirky java haunts sprinkled throughout Edmonton complement our cadre of veteran cafes. This round up is meant to peek into Edmonton’s sovereign coffee spots and offer a quick guide for our city’s coffee culture.

Remedy Cafe- various locations
Remedy Cafe is one part Indian and Pakistani restaurant, one part coffee bar. If the hit TV show ‘Friends’ was filmed in Edmonton, the cast would gather daily at the Jasper Avenue location. With five Remedy Cafes throughout the city, they are one of the oldest and most-loved coffee shop families in Edmonton. Their legendary house-made chai pairs well with either a sabhji masala or butter chicken wrap.

BRU Coffee & Beer House- 11965 Jasper Avenue
BRU has tapped into two major markets in Edmonton: coffee lovers and beer drinkers. Located in the heart of the Oliver area in Jasper Ave's tallest tower, The Pearl, BRU is dedicated to bringing you exceptional coffee, tasty food and even a great porter... if that’s what you’re after. A perfect place for catching up with friends over a creamy cappuccino.

Café Leva- 11053-86 Avenue
Nestled in the heart of the University area, Leva sits on an unassuming corner amongst heritage houses. Inside, you’re transported to the cool coffee domains of New York, Milan or Amsterdam with Leva’s simplistic, pale interior and communal tables. Though coffee is their bread and butter, Leva also serves food for breakfast, lunch and late night meals. Grab a java with a friend after work, then transition to pizza and a glass of wine.

Transcend- various locations
Transcend opened its doors in 2006 and has been a respected destination for serious coffee drinkers ever since. They run coffee tasting courses, roasting workshops or mini-lessons in espresso-ology. Transcend staff are well trained and passionate, often reciting the complicated alchemy of handcrafted coffees. Take the Flat White for example. It’s a popular drink originating in Australia/New Zealand where milk isn’t heated as much as in a latte, making it a bit more thin, yet still sweet.

Rogue Wave- 10571 114 Street
Rogue Wave is owned by two caffeinated Daves, yes that’s right, two Daves. They built their first roaster from scratch named 'Stubby' and have been turning out incredible coffee ever since. The roasted beans in house makes a huge difference; the coffee is earthy and smooth. Must try: mexican hot chocolate.

Wild Earth Bakery- 8902-99 Street
Wild Earth feels like your hippie aunt’s living room (in a good way!). The selection of food is vast and seating is ample. Wild Earth even has a little collection of kids toys and books for coffee-addict offspring. Feeling decadent? Try a slice of one of the many cheesecakes paired with Chocolate Chai.

Credo- Three locations - 104 Street, 124 Street or the Kelly Ramsey Building (on Rice Howard Way)
Credo is a set of sibling coffee shops well known for their quality coffee (the 104 Street location is often lined up). The younger offspring, Credo on 124 Street, sits in the subterranean level of the newly redone Limelight building. Descend the stairs and you instantly smell Intelligentsia coffee. Each cup of Credo coffee is filled with feel-good flavour. Their coffee is direct trade, ensuring their growers are paid 25% higher rates than fair trade prices.

Block 1912- 10361-82 Avenue
Stop in at Block 1912 and enjoy some of Edmonton’s finest coffees and gelatos, located in a historic building in the heart of Old Strathcona. The comfy seating and fresh fruit pies (baked on site) will make you want to stay for the whole afternoon. No lack of seating here, the big open space is ideal for gathering with friends.

Iconoclast- 11807-105 Avenue
Tucked between Oliver Square and Edmonton’s oldest cemetery, Iconoclast is as much a gathering place for game lovers as it is for coffee drinkers. The warehouse space was previously a lighting store and before that the building housed a coffin manufacturer. The coffee bar made of rough-hewn palette wood is perched in the middle of the shop acting as the steaming, caffeinated heart of the echoey space. There are couches, a ping pong table and they host monthly board games nights. Coffee is roasted in-house in small batches. Grab a homemade cookie and an inky black Americano to fuel your competitive conquests.

District Coffee Co, Elm Café and Little Brick
This triplet of cafes was started by local small-space hospitality visionary Nate Box. Elm Cafe serves the early morning and lunch crowds and they're famous for their creative sandwiches. Little Brick brought history back to life in an old brick house tucked away in Riverdale. District's space was recently expanded and now the daytime cafe and bakeshop stays open late and turns into a cool spot to grab wine and small eats at night.

The Carrot- 9351 118 Avenue
Indulge the right side of your brain at The Carrot, a community arts coffeehouse that sprouted up on Alberta Avenue. Every Friday and Saturday night The Carrot features live music, poetry, comedy or whatever might be on tap. What's more, this coffee shop is volunteer-powered and supports artists in the community.

Coffee Bureau- 10505 Jasper Avenue
Jasper Avenue’s Coffee Bureau features all kinds of shine: from the 1950s Italian brass chandelier and fancy customized Izzo espresso machine to the bright smiles of husband and wife owners. Coffee Bureau serves locally roasted Ace Coffee and Steven Smith teas alongside freshly baked cookies, muffins, croissants and gluten-free nibbles. Meet inside for a quick one-on-one power visit or watch the world go by outside on their sidewalk benches.

Farrow - 8422-109 Street
Farrow customers like their caffeine with a sandwich, thank you very much. Owned by the same folks as Three Boars next door, Farrow is as popular for their sandwiches as their mugs of Stumptown and Bows & Arrows coffee. Take a seat on the picnic benches outside and watch as university students make their way to and from campus.

Lock Stock Coffee - 10534 Jasper Avenue
If you looked twice, you might think Lock Stock Coffee is a different kind of watering hole. Its exposed brick walls, high top seating and dark wood accents match its brother business, Red Star Pub. But the shiny espresso machines in the back of the narrow, slightly dim space reveal otherwise. All food is made in-house in Red Star’s kitchen. Need a morning kickstart? Grab a bacon, rosemary, cheddar muffin washed down by a Gibraltor—a double shot of espresso with steamed milk served in a short tumbler. Wakey, wakey!

Mandolin Books and Coffee Company - 6419 112 Avenue
Mandolin Books and Coffee Company is an amazing gathering spot; in the summer they even have a dog friendly patio in the back. They buy and sell used books, have locally made pottery, pinocchio ice cream and frequently host book readings and local authors. Do yourself a favour and get a sausage roll with your latte!

Our friend from, Phil Wilson, walked us through his favourite Edmonton coffee shop, Little Brick, in one of our You Think You Know Edmonton videos: