Where to Dance in Edmonton

Oct 5, 2023

Edmonton's nightlife has a distinct charm, and at the heart of this unique vibe are visionary individuals like Joses Martin, founder of The Grindstone Theatre and

SWEAT DJ Collective. Get to know Joses and and explore some of the best places to dance in Edmonton!

The Grindstone Theatre

SWEAT DJ Collective

"Nine years ago, I started SWEAT as a party," Joses begins, recalling the birth of SWEAT, renowned for its disco-themed events. "We did a monthly party for about seven years before the pandemic, and I had been DJing around town," Joses explains, "but felt like there was a little hole in the disco zone. Then, coming out of COVID, we kicked off a weekly party at The Grindstone."

Dance the Weekend Away

In Edmonton, it's all about community. "When we wanted to make SWEAT a weekly event, we decided that we had to do it on Fridays, because Saturdays are For Those Who Know at The Bower, so we decided to have pop-up rotating monthly dance party events on Saturday nights like 'STUD' queer men's night, Edmonton Bass Society, or Soundgarten Techno nights. Those are the weekly electronic music happenings in the city that give people the chance to dance all weekend."

Dance Friendly Festivals

"We really believe in what we're doing as far as supporting theatre, providing a space for art, and adding to this amazing cross-over community that we have between the artists in the city. We've got musicians, theatre performers, comedians, DJs, etc. all hanging out in the same space and being involved. It's been awesome for me to be able to pursue my passions in music, hosting, and community events."