Guide to Snowshoeing in Edmonton

Dec 11, 2023

What's a Canadian winter without a snowshoe hike?

Snowshoe technology was mastered by Indigenous People in Canada as an efficient way to tread on snowy lands and continues to be extremely practical today. Snowshoes are wide platforms that attach to your boots which allows you to walk on snow much more easily. Its design distributes your weight, so you don't sink into powdered snow on your outdoor adventures.

Snowshoeing is an extremely fun way to explore the outdoors in the winter. This guide will help you dress warmly for snowshoeing, rent snowshoe gear in Edmonton, and plan which trails to explore this season. Embrace the winter wonderland as you tread through the beautiful sights!

What to Wear for Snowshoeing

Where to Rent Snowshoes

Snowshoe Tours

Elk Island National Park

More to Explore

Edmonton's river valley is 22 times the size of New York City's Central Park and looks the most magical in winter. Here are some of the best areas to snowshoe in Edmonton:

John Janzen Nature Centre - Beside Fort Edmonton Park (corner of Fox Dr. and Whitemud Dr.)
Rundle Park
- 29 St and 113 Ave.
Borden Park
- 75 St and 112 Ave.
Terwillegar Park
- West end of Rabbit Hill Rd.
Victoria Park
- 12130 River Valley Rd.