Nerdy Things to Do in Edmonton

Sep 1, 2019

In the land of Edmonton, where the shadows lie... there are... well... a lot of nerdy things to do. There was a time when being a nerd was a bad thing, but those days have gone the way of the Time Lord. Put on some SPF and venture out of your parent's basement, get your pocket protectors ready and check out all the nerd-tastic things that Edmonton has to offer.

OverKlocked gaming and computers

Board Game Cafés

Are you a Settlers of Catan master? Do you crush Cylon fleets like a pro when you play Battlestar Gallactica? Do your friends call you the king of Cards Against Humanity? Edmonton loves board game cafés (we built this city on rock and wheat after all), and you'll find your favourite games at Table Top, Board n' Brew, and Hexagon. If you're overwhelmed by their collections, don't worry. The expert staff members can help you pick something you'll love and will even show you noobs how to play.

Escape Rooms

Happy Harbor Comics

You don't need a bat signal to know that Happy Harbor is the place to be. Whether you're a Marvel or DC fan, this is your comic book headquarters in Edmonton. Named Canada's Best Comic Store at the 2007 Shuster awards, Happy Harbor has become the largest comic retailer in Western Canada. Looking for a great new read? Just ask the beyond friendly and knowledgeable staff and they'll hook you up.

Metro Cinema at the Garneau Theatre

Dark Matters

If you think Telus World of Science is rated G, then listen up. Dark Matters is an 18+ event featuring food, a bar and a live DJ. Each Dark Matters evening has a different theme, from Fears and Phobias to The Science of Sex, with a variety of activities, like hands-on science experiments, games, and exclusive access to galleries. Mild-mannered scientist by day... party animal by night.

The Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo