'Ice on Whyte' becomes 'Chiseled'

Jan 22, 2023

It’s probably fair to say that a lot of people and organizations learned some big lessons during COVID-19. Perhaps you’re shuddering thinking back on that growth, but the Chiseled festival, formerly known as Ice on Whyte, couldn’t be happier with its takeaway from the multi-year stretch! Really, it’s about growth by making things smaller. Ice on Whyte always had two components: a large ice carving competition as well as a smaller community event that engaged Edmontonians with sculptures, demonstrations and hands-on activities.

Roszell added that it's been really rewarding to engage with so many more people, and as an added bonus, carvers and festival employees are staying employed for the whole winter season instead of just two weeks. “You line that all up, and you can see why we’re transitioning to a different phase.”

Changes for 2023

The benefits of moving to Ice District include the ability to leave the structures there for display; they’re sheltered within the confines of Rogers Place and its surrounding buildings which means no need for a tent like in Old Strathcona. “They’re bigger and that much more intense,” said Roszell.

But with the end of the festival named Ice on Whyte comes big opportunity for the future. It’s not likely to be the end of programming in the area. “We’ll have to grow within our capacity because we’re a small company,” said Roszell, “but there’s endless possibilities in this.”

Check out Chiseled: Edmonton's International Ice Carving Competition from January January 24-26. Then, take a chippers class at McIntyre Park from January 27-29, with ice sculpting demonstrations, lessons, and more!