Guide to Edmonton's Halal Restaurants

By Amal Mohamud
Nov 23, 2023

For nearly 16 years, I have called Edmonton my sweet home. Growing up, the search for halal cuisine was sometimes a challenge. As an avid traveller, one of the first things I do when I explore a new destination is seek out the best halal dining options. For those reasons, I want to share my personal favorites in Edmonton. This guide is designed to make finding delicious halal options a breeze!

Mama Asha Cafe

Turquaz Kebab House

Jerusalem Shawarma

Cafe Bel Air

Swiss Donair

Whether you're in the mood for the flavors of Africa, the exotic tastes of the Middle East, or the unique fusion cuisine of Mauritius, this city has something for everyone. So go ahead, embark on your own halal food journey! Go out and take advantage of the diverse and delicious offerings that Edmonton has to offer.