Three Must-See Live Theatre Venues

By Catherine Dunwoody Catherine Dunwoody is like a proud parent when it comes to boasting about Edmonton – shamelessly sharing the city's attributes with a photo album in her iPhone to boot. As a freelance content creator, she’s circled the globe, and her work has appeared in a wide variety of print and online publications plus broadcast – including Travel & Leisure, The Globe & Mail, Food Network Canada, CTV and more.
Jul 26, 2023

For decades, our city has boasted a thriving arts scene that other Canadian cities are just plain envious of! My theory is that winter cities cultivate indoor activities, especially in the arts and culture sector, like music, dance, art, and of course, live theatre. Edmonton is as wintery as you get at times, and we have the talented artists to prove it. I chatted with several of Edmonton’s theatre folks to get the scoop on what they are planning this fall/winter season. From the sounds of things, you should secure your tickets as soon as possible!

For more riveting theatrical performances, make sure to stop by The Roxy Theatre, Grindstone Theatre, Walterdale Theatre, The Westbury Theatre, and much more!