Diversity and Inclusion in the Arts: The Woman leading SkirtsAfire

Mar 1, 2023

SkirtsAfire began as so many good ideas do: with red wine, popcorn, and a group of brilliant women!

The festival was created in response to the severe underrepresentation of women artists at the professional level. Annette Loiselle, the Artistic Director of SkirtsAfire, grew up acting. The arts have been a part of her life for as long as she can remember, but she was always aware that there was less opportunity for women in the theatre industry.

“What started as a festival that was meant to raise the voices and stories of women, it has really turned into a festival that’s also about raising the voices and stories of marginalized and/or under-represented women,” said Loiselle.

For information on this year’s festival, please visit the SkirtsAfire website.