Best Coffee Shops for Studying in Edmonton

By Becca Willson
Mar 4, 2022

Discover the best study spots in Edmonton to try the next time you’re looking for a social setting to catch up on readings or assignments. These coffee shops serve up a high-quality caffeine boost and comfy vibes to get you through a long day of studying!

Laptops and Lattes




Quiet and cozy, Iconoclast offers two ideal locations for setting up your office for the day, downtown and a little further north in the trendy neighbourhood of Oliver. Bonus: because the giant roaster in the centre of this café is constantly grinding fresh coffee beans for your next cup, the comfortable atmosphere is made even better by the delicious scent floating through the air. Iconoclast also takes being environmentally conscious extremely seriously, serving everything in compostable packaging and sourcing ethically grown coffee. The spacious café fosters both a studious and a social environment, so do come prepared with headphones for more privacy.

11523 100 Ave and 12021 102 Ave

Block 1912


Square 1