5 Best Restaurants in Edmonton to Eat Like a Local

By Ayngelina Brogan
Aug 9, 2022

Edmonton has a thriving food culture. It is a city of foodies who like to eat out often. You can find everything from funky food truck eats at 124 Grand Market to tasting menus at fine dining restaurants such as Yarrow. It’s not surprising the best restaurants in Edmonton often make Canada’s national culinary lists. There is really something for everyone whether you’re looking for a special date night patio or comfort food with friends. If you’re looking to explore the local joints or mom and pop shops, there is no shortage of entrepreneurs. Some of these small businesses have stood the test of time, and others are creating new waves.

Where to Eat in Edmonton

From Whyte Avenue to West Edmonton, there is no shortage of stellar places to eat in Edmonton. Here are 5 spots locals love:

Edmonton is a food city and people love to eat out. These Edmonton restaurants include hot new spots, old school favourites, independents and delicious take out.

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Perpetually curious on the verge of being nosey, Ayngelina knows that the door to all good conversations is opened with food. You can find more of her travels on her website, such as these Indigenous experiences in Alberta.