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Ice Castles

  • Hawrelak Park, 9330 Groat Rd, Edmonton, Alberta
  • December 30 2016 to February 26 2017

It's back! This winter, explore the Ice Castles, a two acre winter wonderland crafted by hand using only icicles and water, and resembles organic formations found in nature, like those of frozen glaciers or ice caves. For the second time in forever, Ice Castles will call Hawrelak Park home.

View the beauty of the ice castle structure and squeeze, squish and crawl through parts of the stunning, Narnia-like display. Favorite photo spots can be found in the throne room, in front of the fountain and throughout the winding ice maze. Children will enjoy whizzing down the tubular ice slide and spelunking through small tunnels.

Ice Castles are the brainchild of ice artist Brent Christensen, who invented and patented this process while experimenting with winter activities with his children in their Utah home. The Ice Castle features millions of icicles that sparkle a glacial blue by day and glow multi-colored at night with the help of thousands of LED lights embedded in the ice.

Ice Castles are a part of the Silver Skate Festival held in Hawrelak Park from February 10-20, 2017.

The Ice Castles are open now until February 26, 2017.