A great event can change how you tackle a problem, make connections in your industry, and how you do business. It can also take a lot of energy and have a significant environmental impact. But it’s hard to know where to begin in making your event more sustainable, because sustainability isn't just one thing — it's everything. It's in the way we travel, produce food, manage waste, offset emissions, and leverage new renewable sources of energy.

We are serious about sustainability in events and have made a commitment to be an industry leader. We can help you take actionable steps and drill down on every element of an event to make it more sustainable, because we're all in this together.

Your event in Edmonton can have a big impact and an even smaller footprint.

Affordable Sustainability

Generating Renewable Energy

Offsetting Carbon Emissions


Getting the Word Out

We’re putting Edmonton on the map as a leader in sustainable events. A new docuseries called Sustainable Travel: Where Next? is showcasing destinations around the world and the work they’re doing in conservation, regeneration, and empowerment. Watch the Edmonton episode to see some of the work we’re doing in sustainable events!

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